Reference Library: Responsible Conduct of Research


Core References


1.   Required: On being a Scientist: A guide to responsible conduct of research (NAS): download

2.   Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Research (NIH): download

Specific Lecture Readings/Assignments


1.   Overview of responsible conduct of research: Dr. Sasha Zill:


Powerpoint: download


Specific References/Readings:

a.   Maddox B (2003) The double helix and the wronged heroine. Nature 421:407-408 (2003) (download)

b.   Elkin LO (2003) Rosalind Franklin and the double helix. Physics Today 56(3):42-48 (download)


2.    Research involving human subjects and live vertebrate animals: Dr. Elaine Hardman
3. Peer Review: Dr. Elaine Hardman


Assignment: download

4.   Conflict of interest: Dr. Tracy LeGrow


Powerpoint: download

Case Study: Jesse Gelsinger (download)

5.   Mentor/mentee responsibilities and relationships: Dr. Larry Grover

Powerpoint: download

Assignment: download

6.   Responsible authorship and publication: Dr. Maria Serrat

7.   The scientist as a responsible member of society: Dr. Todd Green

Powerpoint: download

8.   Collaborative research: Dr. Vincent Sollars

Powerpoint: download

9.   Research misconduct and policies for handling misconduct, Dr. Emine C. Koc

10. Data acquisition and laboratory tools, Dr. Jung Han Kim


Assignment/Readings: download